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Insulation is easily overlooked when it comes to building new, you only get one chance to really get it right when it comes to areas like your internal walls.

Insulation has acoustic as well as thermal properties and is great to put between bedroom and bathroom walls as well as bedroom and lounge walls to reduce noise traveling through the house.

During the design, planning and build of new homes we have found that insulation is often an afterthought with many settling for the minimum requirement.  Some see it as an area to save money while others have no real understanding of the dramatic difference a small amount of the overall budget can make to a properties thermal and acoustic performance.  Ceiling and underfloor insulation if in a crawlspace can be increased (in the future) if desired, walls on the other hand you only get one shot to get it right for the life of the building.

There are many ways that these thermal and acoustic values can be planned and enhanced.  We believe our range of products provide some of the very best performance indicators for a great price.  We are happy to consult on plans to develop a package for your build that will greatly enhance your new homes liveability and sustainability.

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